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The THEOBROMA CACAO, translates to 'Cacao, Food of the Gods'. In many cultures centuries ago, Cacao acted as currency, was food for the privileged, and was used for worship to higher beings.

In Chocolat World, we treat our ingredients with the same respect as how the farmers who cultivate their cacao trees; from fermenting, to roasting and to the processing of cacao.

We take over the ingredients and we turn them into the best final products with our sincere and passionate hands. Because here, we treat our consumers as Gods.



We have been serving Malaysians quality handmade chocolates since 2001. When we started, we realized that there was a lack of appreciation for quality chocolates - Pralines, Truffles, and Bonbons in Malaysia. Henceforth, we have been striving to serve Malaysians the best chocolates in hopes to create a healthy trend for the appreciation for premium chocolates.

Our ingredients are imported mainly from Belgium and many parts of Europe. But we are always proud to share that we create our fine products with our hands.

Yes, all handmade.




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Chocolat - Chocolate in French;

World - To group a particular society. 

Just like our brand name, we are always on our mission to spread the love of good, fine quality chocolates.

The Sphere that accompanies our brand name is a representation of our handmade chocolate truffle

In 2020, we decided to freshen up and reinvent our logo. Our new logo is more minimalistic to tell everyone that chocolates can be simple and premium.

Our Chocolate Truffle logo now shows a simple rhythmic flow of our lines that are formed when we roll the chocolate truffles with our hands. It signifies how each truffle is handcrafted with sincerity.



Our products & services in chocolate ranges from Handmade Chocolate - Truffles, Pralines & Bonbons; Signature Belgian Moist Chocolate Cake; Gourmet Muffins; Gourmet Brownies; Cookies; and many more!

In Chocolat World, we also provide customization services for Hampers, Gift Packs, Door Gifts for any occasions.

Feel free to drop us an email if you have any inquiries at !

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